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Stash April/June 2020

This will be my last stash report for a while. I will be returning to Uni to studying postgraduate from mid July onwards so I expect to be busy. This series of posts has been useful for me to focus on our finances whilst we both made the decision to buy a house; move to the outback of Australia and start new jobs, all during the unexpected Coronavirus pandemic. We had a lot going on with our parents visiting both back in Coffs and here in Broken Hill. It was always an imperfect snapshot anyway. I did not include my partners income or go into all our outgoings or incomings. Life is too short for such shenanigans.

My Net Earnings

I could go into more detail here and show gross earnings with all the deductions but that is just kind of sad… on many levels

My Superannuation

This number just reflects the froth and bubble on the sharemarket at the moment.

Our Cash in the Bank

This has always excluded my partners balance, it’s not my business to share that shit.

Jointly Owed on Mortgage (Rate: 2.84%)

Estimated Home Value

Estimated Value of our old house in Coffs

My Equities

No changes, the market is silly at the moment. I’m not buying it.

VDHG(144); GOLD(15); IAF(36); IEM(104); VAS(215); VGS(232)


Next month is tax time so it seems a good time to stop.

April/June Networth is $247,793
April/June Networth is $247,793

I’ll continue with stash reports but not monthly. I’ll need to work out a better format. Watch this space. Unless you have a life of course.

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