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  1. Ended

    Max killed himself this week. I found out from a message on my phone. I was sitting in the cab of my ute after a day at work. I stared at my phone.

    I thought I’d misunderstood the message. I read it again, the words became disjointed and I …

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  2. Murder

    I just murdered the four red chooks. They had been guilty of eating all their own menstrual waste and tearing the feathers off each others breasts. I rung their necks. The first one was patchy, she had lost most of her feathers to the others. She had a skinny neck …

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  3. His Ancient Beach

    Alfred was a friend of mine who died of old age. I say old age but the hospital would tell you it was stroke. Alfred would have told you it was because his body betrayed him.

    After going for a run this morning I climbed down the 74 steps for …

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  4. That’s that then

    A friend of mine died last night, he was an old fellow who lived up Coro Ave. Eighty five years old he was. On this blog I’ll call him Alfred, we became friends after he mentored Choppy and I down on the sand dunes. He was passionate about regenerating …

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