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  1. Hippy Neanderthal

    Running shoes are wearing out. I’m dripping with sweat after a short (2.6k) run with Pippy. It was shorter than it felt. Listening to a Guardian podcast about AI. Nick Bostrom is worried super intelligent beings may keep us happy in the future by implanting electrodes in our …

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  2. Talking Shite

    This is the third time I have sat at the computer to write this. The first time I ended up looking up information about kayaks and drones. I had met with Dan Arden yesterday, we talked about drones and I wanted to send him a link I had referenced. I …

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  3. Relate


    It’s Sunday lunchtime. I’ve been writing utter rubbish all day. Trying to batter my brain into essay writing action with coffee. Now I am shaky and sick. I wanted to text you but you left your phone on the bed and Mike left his bag with phone …

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  4. An Emotional Price

    So this is what it has come to. I went into this, my initial trimester of study, in the midst of a twisted and broken relationship. I finished yesterday. Nothing has changed. I just put my feelings on pause for, how long? Three and a half months. Studying has kept …

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  5. Fury

    Shit, pain and filthy fury.

    Fury is an ugly filthy monster. I pretend my fury does not exist. I ignore it, down inside my dark recesses but today it got out. My calm exterior hid the boiling fury inside me. I casually hurt the one most dear to me. When …

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  6. Sore Eyes

    I have a sore eye. Actually they are both sore one is worse. Red and inflamed, I’m sure they don’t look too good. The dust from the tree bark I was shovelling today is the culprit. That and the dry wind and sun.

    I should go to sleep …

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