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Stash, March ­2020

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My networth this month continues to be all over the shop. Money is flowing out as the house renovations are finalising and a trip to Darwin NT. Equities are of course crashing on the back of COVID-19. I’ll keep it short.

Net Earnings


Cash in the bank

Owed on Mortgage (Rate: 3.38%)




We are haemorrhaging cash as expected. We have paid the builders and scaffolders (~$9k), just waiting on the rain to ease up so the painter can finish, the renovations will then be complete (for now!). We have paid a $20k deposit on the house in Broken Hill and exchanged contracts. The bank has approved our finance. Our move date is set for the 21st of April.

My Mum; her husband, JB, and I had a trip up to the Northern Territory. We explored Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks before spending a few days in Darwin. COVID-19 erupted as we travelled home. My Mum and JB will be staying until it is safe to travel again. Who knows when that will be! Our trip in April to NZ has obviously been cancelled. I knew it was going to be a busy few weeks but COVID-19 has really upped the ante.

Like most people in the world the value of our assets have crashed so we used some of our cash to buy more ($12k VDHG). Prices are down :)

In short our current networth is down from last months -107.5k to -$165k

Last months pay was OK but next month is probably going to be a tough one. It is a fast changing situation so I’m trying to keep informed and make decisions with an open mind.

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