a picture my son drew of a wave on a beach


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Hi I’m Ruben and this is my corner on the net. I chose this domain name as I grew up in Cornwall the home of so many stories about Jan Tregeagle. I always loved these stories and remember with special fondness seeing Kneehigh Theatre perform Tregeagle (and other shows) many times.

Ruben in foreground with bicycles, a dog and Harlz's legs astride the triangulation point on Round/Red Hill behind him.
This was me in 2021

In 1998/9 I registered tregeagle.com to share pictures and stories with my family and friends. Social media made this irrelevant. Nowadays it’s my shoebox of ephemera, important to me and nothing to you.

After leaving Cornwall I mainly kept in touch writing letters and postcards as well as sending videos cassettes and other oddments home. Nowadays very little gets posted home and even this website has slowly drifted into oblivion. I have always missed my home but I will probably never go back to live there. The past is a foreign country and like the protaganist of an old film I know cannot live there.

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My email is ruben@tregeagle.com My fediverse address is @tregeagle@mastodon.sdf.org I am also on the social networks because I like to stay in contact with friends and family. I wish everyone just used email though.


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I this website does not send cookies. I do not track you and avoid embedding widgets that might try.

I have tried to change the names in my posts to protect the innocent but I am certain I have failed. If you’d like me to fix or change something which affects you please contact me.