a picture my son drew of a wave on a beach


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I lost my phone in what is known by the Dharawal people as Kamay. Most of us know it as Botany Bay home of Sydney airport. I’m sure the original inhabitants would think we had made a right hash of it if they could see it today. I took a photo of Kamay as our plane left for Broken Hill. I had to use my work phone as I had left my phone on an airport bus a week earlier

Modern day Botany Bay AKA Kamay
Botany Bay AKA Kamay - wing shot

One would think I’d be able to recover it (the phone) especially as I tracked it down to Qantas T3 lost baggage using the inbuilt Google Snitching feature. Of course nobody at airlines or airports ever has any public facing contact which isn’t tightly controlled and despite numerous phone calls, emails and reassurances the phone has not reappeared. It may turn up in a few weeks.

Meanwhile I am mostly logged out of the social media world. Which is quite nice. I could get used to this. I can of course still get in but I’m not sure I want to any more.

Today is the day
Flammarion, the famous wood engraving of a man crawling through the firmament
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