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Boats in Melbourne

map showing the route between Broken Hill and Melbourne
Road trip to Melbourne

I just booked a few nights in Melbourne. I’m driving my old jalopy down the silver-city highway to visit my pal, @MJD.
In-line with my current obsessional thinking I have made a list of some boat-dealers in the area. Who knows maybe I’ll find time to go buy a boat.

Yaringa Boat Sales

90 Denham Road
Tyabb VIC 3913

website | listings

Vicsail Melbourne

1,4 Korroit Place
Geelong VIC 3220

website | listings

Webster Marine

19 Newlands Drive
Paynesville VIC 3880

website | listings

38 South Yacht Sales

Unit 5
227 Wells Road
Chelsea Heights VIC 3196

website | listings

I am sure there are others but who wants to see dirty lists of dealers cluttering up the web. I would prefer a nice neat list of boats but unfortunately the dealers seem to have the market in this part of the world. If you are not a dealer but own a nice sub 40 foot single hull boat suitable for me (& perhaps my long suffering partner & bonus son) to become a vagrant in, please get in contact.

Maybe, I could suggest a boat search engine or listngs website as a project for Matthew. A sort of Craigslist for boats… mainly for my convenience of course.

a bad sketch I once did of 3 boats
Some boats I saw once
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