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Like pretty much all the posts on this blog this one represents another unfinished thought. I am prompted to write this because I re-read my previous post, Showies. In it I began with my usual nostalgic claptrap before wending my way into my experience of the Silver City Show. I then clumsily fizzled out in a paragraph about Showies. I painted myself into a corner with my own thoughts. I was in the midst of trying to untangle my words and thoughts when I realised the day was ending.

I wanted to write about all the people out having fun on Saturday night. I ran out of time. It was Sunday night H needed some guidance with his homework and I wanted to keep Re company cooking dinner. So, I did that instead.

Here is a picture I was going to use on the Showies post to pointlessly illustrate something.

the tapestry and the ticket of tapestry iconography, not very interesting
See… pointless

In other news I am thinking I would like to enable mobile users to read the text in the <dfn> tags. If you are reading this before my future self has found a solution you may occaisonally notice an emphasised word. If you are on a computer and you hover your mouse cursor over that word a definition may appear. If you are on a phone or tablet that doesn’t happen. A twiddly detail I know but that right there is the kind of nerdly thing I tend to focus on here. I’ll let you know how I go.

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