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State of ­Mind

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Gurdjieff wearing a fez
George Ivanovich Gurdjieff

I have been slowly replacing the rotten timbers on our front veranda. Broken Hill summer is making the work hot and cooking my brain. It has been especially warm in the afternoons. Yesterday I escaped to the couch with the swampy cooling the house and watched Gurdjieff in Armenia.

I have been re-reading Meetings With Remarkable Men by . This book was an early inspiration for me to go traveling. YouTube also turned up an old (1979) film version of Meetings With Remarkable Men which I’ve not watched yet.

I enjoy Gurdijieff’s stories but his mystical philosophy gets a bit stretched. His allusions to great hand-wavy mysteries are just onanistic subjective truth. The book is better taken as just stories with a pinch of myth. Perhaps he was a victim of his ‘truth’-seeking audience. Intelligence is overrated.

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