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  1. Auden

    Greetings to my yeasts and bacterias

    The picture above is from an episode of Futurama I watched with my boys. The robot, Bender, is adrift in space. His body is populated by ‘Shrimpkins’.

    Auden wrote “A New Year Greeting” the year I was born. It was in response to an article entitled, “Life on the Human …

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  2. Prison

    I remember another time when I was young. In my homeland traveling by train. A group of passengers sprinkled throughout the open-plan carriage talked amongst themselves. They appeared to know each other from their intersecting lives in suburbia. This was obviously their regular commute. Rereading Saint-Exupéry I am reminded of …

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  3. Sport

    Ask me any sport related question. I could not give a toss about it. Invite me to hit, kick or throw a ball and you’ll regret it. Despite my tragic failure to care about any sports I do love people who do.

    I discovered a Gabriel Garcia Marquez article …

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  4. Walking and Travel

    Bruce Chatwin in India

    As a nineteen year old, Bruce Chatwin introduced me to the latin phrase, solvitur ambulando (The Songlines). Translated as ‘it is solved by walking’ I liked the phrase immediately. It has become a talisman to be kept in my thoughts. I have not only sought solutions by walking but also …

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  5. Erratic Reading

    Last night I started reading Night Walking by Prof. Beaumont. It felt immediately familiar to me. I mention it now only to make note of the phrase Post Circadian Capitalism and the word Noctivagator. Fab.

    I did not sleep much after 3am this morning. I’m not getting enough exercise …

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  6. Drifter

    Running my hand along the kitchen bench my fingers gripped momentarily on congealed sticky oil. I wiped my fingers on a towel and poured a glass of Roku Gin. Earlier today I booked a cheap hotel room in Colaba, Mumbai. Gregory Robert’s book came to mind and I thought …

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  7. Like Spacfiller

    I am tired on these summer mornings. The hot days and the humid stuffy nights leave me lying awake in the pre-dawn, tired to the bone. For the first few minutes I don’t want to get up and face the day. Then my bladder lets me know I have …

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  8. My Best Rose

    Dear Z (My Best Rose),

    Thank you so much for your package, it is lovely and I shall treasure it.

    You surprised me. I felt you were exactly the person I remembered but the lens of time and the walls of distance left me ignorant of the truth. I feel …

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