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Winnie ­Dog

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A close up of my dog, Winnie. Her happy muddy face
Winnie, just happy and muddy after a walk today

We were up early today. H started his shift at MacDonalds at 6. After calling Ma for a chat I took Winnie out toward the Pinnnacles. We ambled around exploring the dry creek beds and scrub. There were a few sheep and roos around. I kept Winnie close so as not to bother the sheep. We found a freshly dead roo by the train tracks. The train tracks run out of Broken Hill and I often see the remains of dead animals around or on the tracks. It’s macabre.

The siding at Kanandah
The last major stop for freight trains heading out of Broken Hill

Later Re and I visited the tip shop and picked up an unused drip coffee machine from the 80’s. Only $10, sweet. At home we both had a busy day doing odd jobs around the house. I called Zoe and had a lovely long chat with her about nothing much. Then I spent part of the afternoon sorting out some of my books. My reading list has now grown by about 10 books. It was a really nice full but relaxed day.

A sepia tinted paper map with black ink lines and lettering indicating a tramway travelling from the township of Broken Hill in the top right to empty space in the mid left. Below left are a collection of squares clustered around the Pinnacles
A detail from an old mineral map showing the mining claims around the Pinnacles
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