a picture my son drew of a wave on a beach


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Where are we going with this? I don’t know it all started because Agrippa, Choppy and I love making up stories with each other. I thought we could brainstorm some ideas. Mixed in with reality and random ideas from us, spat out here (nothing has come of it) —->

From Me:

Spike has possible brain damage, I have to tell something. He needs to know, I need him to know. Why? What? Starting when we were six. What’s with that? Air base? Where is this going. History. Do we see/learn something when we are little.

A traumatic memorable event? involving helicopters:

  • Kth, Falklands, Radiation, Cancer
  • Goonhilly Downs fire
  • Tide, dark rocks - Pinscher Martin
  • fastnet
  • full circle later?

Growing up, drink, drugs and punk. Pissing in the machine, Deus Ex Machine, Fogou and Heroine. Eldon. Scats on bike-side-car

From Choppy: business man from LA goes to bed wakes up on a tropical island.

What ifs: - Cryogenics worked - Animals and humans learn to communicate (Wub) - from Wyndham: Everyone went blind (and Triffids) - World was flooded (Ballard) - All machines of industry ceased - CERN String theory multi worlds - mad quantum stuff - from Agrippa : Space crafts exist and Aliens attack. - from D Maurier: Nature goes wrong birds attack.

Cryogenics worked

Groggy and sore Bob blinked as the white starched cotton swam into focus. A nurse was leaning over him. Thoughts lay murky beneath the surface of his consciousness. The nurse stood up adjusting some tubes that were attached to his arm and said, “Mr. Fiddlesworth, can you hear me? Welcome back to the land of the living.” Bob squinted at her oddly familiar face and memories swam hazily into focus, “Ber’ha? Wha ha’ened?”. His tongue was like a piece of thick leather in his dry mouth. The nurse turned and looked at Bob, “Don’t try and talk yet Mr. Fiddlesworth” she poured some water into a paper cup, “here drink’. Bob’s arms felt bruised and sore as he reached for the cup. The bones in his neck felt as if they had fused. The nurse, Bertha, helped to lift his head to sip at the cup. Bob closed his eyes and gasped at the pain in his head. The water felt like gravel in his throat but gradually he felt his tongue loosen. After the second cup of water he asked, “Bertha what happened to you?”.

Bob’s Mother: A bit cool and distant. Had Bob at the age of 47 to an older man, a politician, wealthy. Lord someone, he died. After Bob died she set up a trust to keep Frozen Futures running. She dies shortly before Bob is woken. So never gets to see the fruit of her labours. The trust she has set up is a legal spider web of intrigue?

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