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Confessions of a Weekend ­Hippy

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We seek freedom, but to get it, we must take responsibility.

Gardening – you take the responsibility of rearing your own food, put in a bit of hard yakka and in return you can stay home eating instead of shopping.

If you want the freedom to express things through music, take the responsibility of playing everyday until the facility grows.

If you want to breath freely, give up smoking.

If you want the freedom to look the world in the eye, make an effort to act with honesty and integrity.

If you want the freedom to live in a world without racism, or greed, or environmental catastrophe, then take on the responsibility to help make it happen.

You end up gaining two freedoms.

When you finally take action on what concerns you, it’s more like expressing a freedom than taking on a responsibility.

Confessions of a Weekend Hippy – Spring 2007
Earth Garden no: 141.

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