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  1. Writetyper

    Data URI Scheme
    Live edit text in your web-browser

    Just a quick post to remind myself of the data URI scheme. This is something I should be incredibly familiar with given my history of work but I am mostly clueless.

    This morning I have been helping my partner compose a bunch of words …

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  2. Sailaway

    A Map of St Anthony, or Gillan Harbour
    A map of St Anthony

    As a child, shortly after I had lost my golden mantle of ‘the-youngest’, my father would take my two brothers and I to St Anthony. My Dad had made several ‘shrimping nets’ which we would push around knee deep in the cold numbing, esturine water …

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  3. A Short Ride to Nowhere

    I went for a bicycle ride this morning. Our town is in lockdown accordingly we may exercise within a 5km radius of our homes. I did not know where to ride. Without a thought I headed north-west to the graveyard. On the way I pedalled along the street where all …

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  4. Imprisoned by a Horizon

    Last week I was on leave from work. On Saturday morning I packed a tent and sleeping bag onto my bicycle. By lunchtime it was obvious that our region was going into lockdown. So, I unpacked everything and settled into a week of being a home-body. I long for the …

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  5. Ep01 A Two Wheeled Ute

    I have recently begun a coffee lent, which means I start the day with a headache. It took a bit of effort to motivate myself to go for a bicycle ride yesterday. The extreme heat of summer has eased off which means I can go outside without getting crispy. Taking …

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  6. Context

    I saw a comment online somewhere. Someone was complaining how anyone will share any activity on Strava these days. They said they had seen somebody sharing their Housework activity. I did not read anymore. It annoyed me for some reason. During the night my slow brain surfaced my annoyance and …

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  7. Worn Out

    My apologies, the site looks a bit of a mess at the moment. I am rewriting the html template and making use of simple.css which I quite like. I want the underlying HTML to also be simple. I made a start but simply ran out of time. I’ll …

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