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  1. Mending a Puncture

    Emrys and I are mending a puncture… Well we did that, and moved some flooring downstairs. He has his uses. I was just showing him how this blog worked.

    a punctureMJD though. Looks like tomorrows work is all lined up.

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  2. Shark Attack

    We went to the Curryfest last weekend which was pretty good. Of course we ended up spending most of the time with Emrys in the playpark with hundreds of kids.

    Em at the curryfest
    Em at the curryfest

    I have just returned from a weekend at Station Creek with Ev. We hung out like …

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  3. Sand Planet

    Ev's wolf
    Evan drew this awesome wolf

    Well, sugar crazy-kid-day is done. Been a bit slack with the blog, working too much of late, no excuse. I made a post-box yesterday with Oscar the Grouch on it, rather confusingly, he is saying, ‘No Junk’. I really need to think things through before …

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  4. Doings

    Hmmm… sorry been rather busy lately. I’ve added a couple of photos of the Em and Choppy. Evan bottle fed Emrys today because Cheri had to go to the dentist. He was dead chuffed and seemed to be much better at it than me.

    Tomorrow we are going to …

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  5. Camping in Sawtell

    Dang! Yellow is ugly, I’l have to change the colour again. ‘scuse me while I go upstairs to get another glass of wine…

    Aaaaagh!! this keyboard is wobbling, Evan is watching a disney (aka satan) movie called, “dinosaur” very loudly. Emrys is sleeping on my arm hence the one …

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  6. Emrys’ Birth Story

    Hmm before I forget…

    Cheri was getting contractions on and off for a couple of days but they were not at all regular. Eventually at around 4 or 5 pm on the 27th of February, last Wedenesday they started to come with more regularity.

    As they were still very gentle …

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