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  1. Bantam Killer

    Precious time off work. The Boys out for a ride with me.

    Working at SCU back in 2007-8 was a quiet gig. I had plenty of time to mull over things. I would cycle to work in the morning and have my day’s work mostly done by smoko. In the beginning I would fill my time with projects to improve the …

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  2. Porkellis Mines

    After I learned to ride a bicycle my horizon expanded. I was soon pedalling all the way to the bus stop without stopping to touch the ground. Riding my bike was as close as I could get to flying. At school I had learned that the Mongolian horsemen lived in …

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  3. Ride 1

    Have you got your mojo back?’
    I answered, ‘No’.

    I used to occaisonally run along the grassy lane after school. I ran to create warmth against the winter sleet and rain. I ran to avoid the drudgery of walking. I was in a hurry to get home to be warm …

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  4. Bicycle Lights

    Every 6 months or so I find myself at the bicycle shop buying another set of blinking LED bicycle lights. The last pair having inevitably fallen apart; fallen off or ceased to work. It always costs 10 bucks more than I expect. They always have new and irritatingly imperfect ways …

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  5. Mending a Puncture

    Emrys and I are mending a puncture…
    Well we did that, and moved some flooring downstairs. He has his uses. I was just showing him how this blog worked.

    a puncture

    It’s now evening and I’m waiting for the roast to finish cooking. Jax cut my hair and I look …

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