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Stash May ­2020

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It all happened didn’t it? This could have been an absolute clusterfuck but luckily for us moving to a new home and job in the outback during a pandemic was okay. Thanks to the awesome team at LiteMoves the move was hassle free. Our house in Coffs is being looked after by the best tenants in the world. Our NZ trip was obviously cancelled. My Ma and JB moved to Broken Hill with us. They flew home last week, I was secretly hoping their flight would be cancelled and I’d get to keep my lovely Ma around for a bit longer. Our new house here in Broken Hill needs a lot of TLC. I am learning how to maintain the freezing cold pool and exploring town to learn the lay of the land. We have both started our new jobs and so far so good.

Here is this months stash report in all it’s shonky glory:

My Net Earnings

My Superannuation

Switching to Equities would have been disasterous if I was planning on retiring soon. I’m not, so that’s good… I hope. Nonetheless it may be prudent to expand into governement bonds

Our Cash in the Bank

Jointly Owed on Mortgage (Rate: 2.88%)

Estimated Home Value

Estimated Value of our old house in Coffs

My Equities

Surprisingly stable considering the world at the moment, it won’t last.

VDHG(144); GOLD(15); IAF(36); IEM(104); VAS(215); VGS(232)


May Networth is $242,685
May Networth is $242,685

Our current networth is based on a lot of ‘ifs’. If we sold a house, if we got the price and so on. The ‘ifs’ are null and void as we are not selling anything. The reality is that we owe the bank $421k and there is a huge recession on the cards. We’re both working so we’ll pay the piper.

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