a picture my son drew of a wave on a beach


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pictures of my friend MJD looking at pictures of MJD
I don’t know why I do it … but I like assembling pictures of MJD looking at MJD

I got back from visiting MJD in Melbourne yesterday. I managed to get a flight for not much more then the petrol would have cost. I only had to drive the three hours to Mildura Airports dodging the roos and emus but not a snigle other car on the road. It was great to catch up with Matthew, he’s a good old mate from way back. We went to the coast to gawp at boats but the weather was so wild we gave it a miss. I tried to buy some clothes but almost had a heart-attack when the nice young chap told me the price for some trousers. Instead I made do with a posh meal at Phillippes with Matthew. I liked to think we bought the tone of the place down, like that scene from the Blues Brothers.

After a 2 hour delayed flight and the three hour drive up the Silver-City Highway I felt a bit rough. A PCR test before work the next day came back covid +ve, the second time I’ve had this bloody lergy. I have spent the day on the couch feeling a bit rough. I found an old 1979 Talisman 37 which just came on the market over in Rushcutters Bay in Sydney for $65k. It won’t cure covid but it would be nice to sail away on.

pictures of my friend MJD looking at pictures of MJD
For sale, Talisman 37

Anyway, not much more to write about. My head feels like it’s been stewed.

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