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  1. Imprisoned by a Horizon

    Last week I was on leave from work. On Saturday morning I packed a tent and sleeping bag onto my bicycle. By lunchtime it was obvious that our region was going into lockdown. So, I unpacked everything and settled into a week of being a home-body. I long for the …

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  2. Mudmap

    For a long time I have wanted to integrate the GPS traces from my various excursions directly into an embedded map here on tregeagle.com. There is a million ways to do this of course. I have done so in the past using Google maps but I would prefer to …

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  3. Lost

    Last month my laptop became unstable. I had been trying to do something which I began to regret. Losing patience I reinstalled the operating system. Unfortunately on my previous installation I had negligently chosen to set up my hard-drives as a striped array. This meant despite days of recovery attempts …

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  4. Blinkers

    I recently bought some TaoTronics noise cancelling headphones. I thought they’d make the long-haul flight home to the UK less painful.

    As an itirant miserable bastard I have found they also work to make long-haul life less painful. Sometimes I just want to switch the world off and step …

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  5. Root Agora

    After several weeks of intermittent failed attempts I finally managed to get root on my crapass phone.

    Getting root” has a different meanings here in Australia but in this case it refers to gaining full control of my telephone operating system. A bizarre idea when I stop and think about …

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