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  1. Sounds

    A picture of our dog Winnie taken by my Dad

    Back home in suburbia, it is a Tuesday morning. Pre dawn I was awoken by three metallic taps. In conversation with Re we realise the same three taps disturb our sleep at the same hour every morning. Comforting in their regularity, like all the other sounds which accompany us out …

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  2. Trail Run

    Day off work today. I took H to school and Winnie for a trail run. That’s what we call it now, apparently. My Garmin watch defined it for me.

    I could not decide on a definition

    It wasn’t a run because the hills were too steep. It wasn’t a walk because I ran/stumbled …

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  3. I Say, I Say

    Toby, Toby! Here boy!” called my dog, Alfie. It was time for our walk. I ran in from the backyard where I had been digging up weeds. Alfie and I walked to the park. Peeing amongst some weeds along the way Alfie commented on the weather. I was distracted as …

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