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50th ­birthday

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The reason I travelled all this way was for my little brothers 50th birthday party. I pretty much never go home and do this stuff. I had an awesome night and just love my clan so much.

I danced with a lot of people and every second person seemed to have a cold. A short visit to my Mum in Pocklington and a long train ride south was enough to let the lergies perculate. I am now in Totnes recovering at my Mum’s house. It’s been good to have a day or so of alone time to let my body catch up with all the abuse.

I’m feeling a bit better today so will head over to visit Dan my brother this afternoon.

Here are some mangled pictures. My website is not trying to compete with the assets of the Silicon Valley Tech Bros. I am just messing around. It’s not so slick at pics.

A technical/anthropological explanation of my motivations for such a broken looking slide-show/carousel thingy

I am using the recent influx of pics to think about revisiting that hacky bit of Carousel CSS I was tinkering with a while back I have this code in my publishconf.py

    "article": {  
        "type": "image",  
        "ops": ["scale_in 720 1440 True"],  
    "thumb": {  
        "type": "image",  
        "ops": ["scale_in 100 133 True"],  

I also have imgfy.py kicking around. Not sure what I was doing here, something involving Image Process I suspect… ah the class name of the image is involved. I remember now. This really is imperfect.

article and thumb above get used when an image has the class name image-process-thumb or image-process-article

The slides below only really work for portrait pictures otherwise they get zoomed in and cut off. I mean, compare this one with the one displayed in the Carousel

Me and my lovely family

Dan and I get cut off entirely. An unintentional improvement some may say.

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