a picture my son drew of a wave on a beach

Tail End

Is it the Tale or Tail End? Coming to the end of my European journey I have waved goodbye to R&H and will follow them back to the outback in a few days. I am not sure what to make of my time away from Broken Hill and how I feel about my life away from my old home. I am looking forward to getting on with whatever it is I will do in Australia. I am still unsure what that is.

Today my brother Dan told me he quite liked this wonky little black shed. I do to.

A small black shed, leaning precariously to one side
A shed in Lerryn, Cornwall
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It already seems an age since visiting Cornwall. Next week I will be putting Re and H on a plane going back to Broken Hill. I will be following them a week later.

Since leaving Cornwall Re and I have been documenting our travels on Facebook and Instagram. I have …


Putting away the shoe box

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Bracken and greenery fringed by sea and granite cliffs
Looking southward from Beacon Crag in Porthleven

I left my Ma in tears again. We waved from the train in Totnes as the carriage moved off. We all had the sad sparkly eyes for a quiet time as the train sped along the seaway. Too many goodbyes for me this …



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Paddington Station
Waiting for my train

I’m sat here at Costa Coffee in Paddington waiting for the 10:30 to Totnes.

I walked a good few miles yesterday exploring the back-alleys, greenways, footpaths and canal paths from Muswell Hill through Hornsey and down along the Regent Canal. I just love walking …


Sydney 2023

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A selfie in front of a Saab 340 turboprob aeroplane on the apron at Broken Hill [BHX] airport
Leaving Broken Hill

Here I go again - visiting the home of my first 20 years, Cornwall.
I went this time last year as soon as the flights had resumed after all that covid bullshit. I flew home and caught covid at the Blue Anchor. I had never been as sick …



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pictures of my friend MJD looking at pictures of MJD
I don’t know why I do it … but I like assembling pictures of MJD looking at MJD

I got back from visiting MJD in Melbourne yesterday. I managed to get a flight for not much more then the petrol would have cost. I only had to drive the three …



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A Map of St Anthony, or Gillan Harbour
A map of St Anthony

As a child, shortly after I had lost my golden mantle of ‘the-youngest’, my father would take my two brothers and I to St Anthony. My Dad had made several ‘shrimping nets’ which we would push around knee deep in the cold numbing, esturine water …


Swimming and Walking

My Mum sent me this postcard after she had walked across Spain. It is an illustration from a Russian Fairy story, “Feather Of Finist Falcon” by Ivan Bilibin.

Feather Of Finist Falcon by Ivan Bilibin
Feather Of Finist Falcon by Ivan Bilibin

I am reading Robert MacFarlane‘s, “The Old Ways, A Journey On Foot”. I love …


We Moved

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Last Tuesday we emptied our little house into the back of a removal truck. After a quick tidy and a last tearful visit to family we set off on the trail to Broken Hill. Z&JB had to wait on some repairs to their car. They followed on at a …


Escape Routes

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In my continuing effort to make moving to Broken Hill quantifiable here are some extremely rough travelling numbers.

From To Plane Train Bus Car Bicycle Walk
Broken Hill Adelaide (500km) $200
no train $20
5hrs 1w 1m
Broken Hill Coffs Harbour (1,400km) $500
$120 …

Shoah (שואה)

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Uncle J wanted to visit the “Jewish Holocaust Museum“. He’d been banging on about it for a while so we decided to take him on a flying trip to visit. The 1 hour flight was cancelled so we drove for 6 hours instead. Sydney was pushy; dirty; noisy and …


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