Stash April/June 2020

This will be my last stash report for a while. I will be studying postgraduate Oncology from mid July onwards so I expect to be busy. This series of posts has been useful for me to focus on our finances whilst we both made the decision to buy a house; move to the outback of Australia and start new jobs, all during the unexpected Coronavirus pandemic. We had a lot going on with our parents visiting both back in Coffs and here in Broken Hill. It was always an imperfect snapshot anyway. I did not include my partners income or go into all our outgoings or incomings. Life is to short for such shenanigans.

My Net Earnings

  • $1,912 (May)
  • $35,780 YTD

I could go into more detail here and show gross earnings with all the deductions but that is just kind of sad… on many levels

My Superannuation

  • $110,797

This number just reflects the froth and bubble on the sharemarket at the moment.

Our Cash in the Bank

  • $8,377

This has always excluded my partners balance, it’s not my business to share that shit.

Jointly Owed on Mortgage (Rate: 2.84%)

  • $416,049

Estimated Home Value

  • $200,000

Estimated Value of our old house in Coffs

  • $600,000

My Equities

  • $58,842

No changes, the market is silly at the moment. I’m not buying it.

VDHG(144); GOLD(15); IAF(36); IEM(104); VAS(215); VGS(232)


Next month is tax time so it seems a good time to stop.

April/June Networth is $247,793
April/June Networth is $247,793

I’ll continue with stash reports but not monthly. I’ll need to work out a better format. Watch this space. Unless you have a life of course.