a picture my son drew of a wave on a beach


A blurry old photo of my Mum in hiking boots and red socks standing by an estuary
My Ma living by the latin phrase, Solvitur Ambulando

Even though it looks like my Mum is about to cheekily poke her tongue out at the photographer it reminds me of Ivan Bilibin’s beautiful illustration which I used on this post and currently on my 404 error page.

Thinking about how I like to tinker with my blog makes me realise how I use it to think around things. Playing with the esentially quite boring html and css that make up this website leaves space in my mind for thoughts to coalesce.

This tinkering whilst not as enjoyable or as effective as walking in Cornwall is useful to me. Blogging acts as a meditative. My posts are just the outlines of these thoughts that I stumble over. Life gets dibs over my navel gazing. For example, I am going out now to finish the weekends jobs around the house and yard.

Til next time.

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Paddington Station
Waiting for my train

I’m sat here at Costa Coffee in Paddington waiting for the 10:30 to Totnes.

I walked a good few miles yesterday exploring the back-alleys, greenways, footpaths and canal paths from Muswell Hill through Hornsey and down along the Regent Canal. I just love walking …


Swimming and Walking

My Mum sent me this postcard after she had walked across Spain. It is an illustration from a Russian Fairy story, “Feather Of Finist Falcon” by Ivan Bilibin.

Feather Of Finist Falcon by Ivan Bilibin
Feather Of Finist Falcon by Ivan Bilibin

I am reading Robert MacFarlane‘s, “The Old Ways, A Journey On Foot”. I love …



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I was to meet my son for breakfast at the stipulated time. It was part of yesterdays ultimatum or perhaps pen-ultimatum. He was still in bed when I arrived to pick hm up. He had seemingly forgotten the acid words he had thrown my way the day before. We went …


Extreme strolling in London

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We are on the train to Newcastle. We overslept and had to run like maniacs to get here. I managed to misplace my oyster card and my subsequent tube ticket to kings cross. The ticket gate staff were probably too startled by my sweaty panicked luggage humping madness to stop …


Walking and Travel

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Bruce Chatwin in India
Bruce Chatwin in India

As a nineteen year old, Bruce Chatwin introduced me to the latin phrase, solvitur ambulando (The Songlines). Translated as ‘it is solved by walking’ I liked the phrase immediately. It has become a talisman to be kept in my thoughts. I have not only sought solutions …


Flaneurs of the World Unite

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I have yet to read the Flaneur book I gave Suzy. She seemed to enjoy it, I would like to read it before my studies begin again.

There really ought to be time in ones life for walking and art.


Reasons not to do it again

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Lisa, Di, Emma & I back when we were training for this.
Lisa, Di, Emma & I back when we were training for this.

Our Twitter Kokoda Updates


Syndicate Ridge

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The Syndicate Track
View from halfway up the Syndicate Ridge

Sunday, Di, Emma, Chris and I went up and down the Syndicate Ridge. It was a fantastic workout for our legs and lovely mornings walk. Chris went all ‘Bush Tucker Man’ on us and distributed lots of odd berries which I nibbled, took …