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  1. SEIFA Wonks

    Socio-Economic Index Map of Broken Hill

    This is interesting. The SEIFA map shows Broken Hill as an island of Socio-economic advantage in an ocean of disadvantage. I prefer to think of the glass half full so I am ignoring the quote at the top of that post. When it comes down the quantifiable it seems Broken …

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  2. Going for Broke

    We have both secured jobs in Broken Hill and have made the decision to make the move. We are jumping in with both feet, albeit with a lifeline back here in Coffs. We are renting our house out and buying one in Broken Hill. I hope to keep our mortgage …

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  3. Prison

    I remember another time when I was young. In my homeland traveling by train. A group of passengers sprinkled throughout the open-plan carriage talked amongst themselves. They appeared to know each other from their intersecting lives in suburbia. This was obviously their regular commute. Rereading Saint-Exupéry I am reminded of …

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  4. Sisyphus

    Sisyphus by Titian

    It’s a Saturday morning. I can hear a phalanx of lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and leaf blowers marching through the backyards of my neighbours. Australians rejoice in weekend suburb maintenance. Like many others I have just had very busy week of work. The builders have been having a field …

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  5. Observations

    Thought spirals

    I want to move the fence, make our yard bigger for our fat dog. Re does not want me to start without a landscaping consultation of some kind. Despite this I have mostly formed plans involving retaining walls and wire mesh fencing. The first step is the hardest, mine requires …

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  6. Sounds

    A picture of our dog Winnie taken by my Dad

    Back home in suburbia, it is a Tuesday morning. Pre dawn I was awoken by three metallic taps. In conversation with Re we realise the same three taps disturb our sleep at the same hour every morning. Comforting in their regularity, like all the other sounds which accompany us out …

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  7. Baby Quail

    Our quails have been rooting a fair bit. The girls are popping out eggs without a care. Unfortunately, they are rather unreliable at getting clucky. Luckily Speedy, like many bantams, loves to keep eggs warm.

    Our new baby quail

    Today Rodney found that she’d hatched one of the quail eggs. Cute hey?

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  8. Bling String

    Ev my teenage son is growing up. He dyes his hair and listens to loud music. It beats pooping his pants and chucking tantrums at the sweety counter. I think he is pretty cool. He did not want me to take this picture he knew I was up to something …

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  9. Doings

    Hmmm… sorry been rather busy lately. I’ve added a couple of photos of the Em and Choppy. Evan bottle fed Emrys today because Cheri had to go to the dentist. He was dead chuffed and seemed to be much better at it than me.

    Tomorrow we are going to …

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