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An illustration from HG Wells, The Time Machine, the artist was Virgil Finlay
HG Wells wrote The Time Machine - predicting the future degeneracy of the Murdochs Morlocks. This illustration may be a tad degenerate itself…

I just posted this on the echo chamber that is FB,

Hey Australia, at the very least read the Uluru Statement before the 14th of October.

Before you dismiss that last sentance think about where your ‘but’ may have come from? Take your time. Then, just read (or hear) the statement.

Our first communities, the ones that were here before settlement, want us to recognise and listen to them. Whether we say yes or no - all that really changes is Australia’s attitude. It could be great if we chose optimism.

Show some courage Australia recognise our history and look to a brighter future.

I included a link to the statement but, in a fit of pessimism, I immediately added a comment linking to Dave Milner’s angry (and wholly justified) polemic against Rupert Murdoch. After all, the people that need to read the statement will not.

Rupert Murdoch’s media empire has already provided a conveniently packaged junk-opinion for the Murdochites. The post got a few likes from my ‘right-on’ friends and roundly ignored by the Murdochites. Wake up sheeple! Otherwise HG Wells could be onto something.

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