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Going for Broke

We have both secured jobs in Broken Hill and have made the decision to make the move. We are jumping in with both feet, albeit with a lifeline back here in Coffs. We are renting our house out and buying one in Broken Hill. I hope to keep our mortgage below $500k which we should be able to manage with the rental income and our two wages. Down the track I would prefer to only own one house. I don’t trust the Australian housing market. I am pretty sure the rest of the family would disagree.

Looking through the real estate websites for houses has been… interesting. Most search results seem to have about 5+ car parking spaces and a variety of powerful air conditioning systems. The yards’ around the properties are either dusty barren wastes or sealed with tile, concrete or astro-turf. This all says a lot about Broken Hill. No water, hot as Hades and a long drive to the next town. I am really going to miss the beach.

We have a short-list and are flying out there next week to harass the real-estate agents. This time next week, if we are lucky, we’ll have found a house and be desparately trying to hurry approval for finance through.

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