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  1. Worn Out

    My apologies, the site looks a bit of a mess at the moment. I am rewriting the html template and making use of simple.css which I quite like. I want the underlying HTML to also be simple. I made a start but simply ran out of time. I’ll …

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  2. Old Man Juices

    I visited a doctor about my susceptibility to surfers ear. I had been idly wondering if grommets would improve them and perhaps the GP or an ear specialist would be able to offer some suggestions. The GP had nothing to say on the matter but her eyes lit up when …

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  3. Sore Back

    Obviously I’m getting older and shamefully lazier. I have been cycling less and less, I barely run anymore. Since starting nursing in 2015 I have put on 12kg. I am angry and frustrated at myself because I know better. I know muscles start to waste when we get older …

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