a picture my son drew of a wave on a beach

Sydney 2023

A selfie in front of a Saab 340 turboprob aeroplane on the apron at Broken Hill [BHX] airport
Leaving Broken Hill

Here I go again - visiting the home of my first 20 years, Cornwall.
I went this time last year as soon as the flights had resumed after all that covid bullshit. I flew home and caught covid at the Blue Anchor. I had never been as sick. It really messed me up for a while. My family have always teased me for being a cry-baby and that visit was no different. I returned to Broken Hill feeling ripped off. I’ve spent the past year wanting to buy a boat and sail away. My itch to travel is just stupid.

I am taking my time, there is no hurry. Today I flew two hours from Broken Hill to Sydney. Tomorrow night I’ll fly 30 odd hours to London. I have not booked my return, yet. I will return to Broken Hill when I’m done.

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