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  1. Postcards

    I was to meet my son for breakfast at the stipulated time. It was part of yesterdays ultimatum or perhaps pen-ultimatum. He was still in bed when I arrived to pick hm up. He had seemingly forgotten the acid words he had thrown my way the day before. We went …

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  2. Propogate Pain

    Early this morning as I put my son on the train for a school excursion, I witnessed the propogation of pain. Nothing was meant by it, nobody intended any harm and the cruelty was imperceptible.

    Children, parents and teachers all crowded on the platform waiting for the infrequent train. The …

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  3. Breakdown

    Agrippa was feeling petulant, he wanted somebody to feel his frustration. All morning he demanded it but nobody was listening. Then Ben walked walking past the kitchen table with a criticism. He quickly stepped behind the irritating old git and head-butted him between the shoulder blades. With a shout of …

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  4. Chiang Mai Days

    Our first night in Chiang Mai was pretty stressful but the rest of our trip has been awesome.

    Riding around Northern Chiang Mai today I passed this:

    Chiang Mai Computer Shop](/images/open.jpg
    A computer shop in Chiang Mai

    I woke the owner up, he spoke a little english and said that we open source people …

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  5. Chiang Mai

    Our first night in Chang Mai was pretty much a gi-normous stuff up. Ev and I got seperated in a crowd and did not manage to find each other again for about 4 very scary hours. The Chiang Mai tourist police, who are volunteers that work closely with the normal …

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  6. Thailand 2009

    July 2009

    My 14 year old son and I travelled to Thailand to explore the country, experience the culture and meet the locals. Read on for an account of our stravages..

    Thursday, July 23, 2009 - 12:27

    Well, we survived the flight and made it into Bangkok, we stayed at …

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  7. Bling String

    Ev my teenage son is growing up. He dyes his hair and listens to loud music. It beats pooping his pants and chucking tantrums at the sweety counter. I think he is pretty cool. He did not want me to take this picture he knew I was up to something …

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  8. Shark Attack

    We went to the Curryfest last weekend which was pretty good. Of course we ended up spending most of the time with Emrys in the playpark with hundreds of kids.

    Em at the curryfest
    Em at the curryfest

    I have just returned from a weekend at Station Creek with Ev. We hung out like …

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  9. Sand Planet

    Ev's wolf
    Evan drew this awesome wolf

    Well, sugar crazy-kid-day is done. Been a bit slack with the blog, working too much of late, no excuse. I made a post-box yesterday with Oscar the Grouch on it, rather confusingly, he is saying, ‘No Junk’. I really need to think things through before …

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