a picture my son drew of a wave on a beach

Pinnacle ­Dog

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A dry creek bed with a dead fallen tree
Creek Bed

I walked the dog out by the south railway tracks again today. I found a dried up old creek bed and followed it for a few k’s. The Pinnacles featured heavily as the only horizon elements. Here they are behind a tree.

A photo I took of a small tree edging a dry river-bed with some slight bumps (The Pinnacles) behind it
The Pinnacles hiding behind tree

The sheer lack of features left me resorting to photographing the micro landscape of the dried river bed I was walking along. Just pretend this crappy weed is a majestic aeons old tree.

A dried out weed, gone to seed. Growing out of sand with out of focus sand river banks in background

That didn’t really work for me either. Next up I took a snap of what I like to call Sprog Grass. I have many pictures of these on my phone. I had been intending to show them to Alan to hear their story. They are common as muck and I am pretty sure anyone in Broken Hill could ID them. I should get onto that.

Orange/red sand with a seedling sprouting out, casting a shadow in the sunlight.
Sprog Grass

It was a pretty chilled walk.

The next morning it was threatening rain. Winnie and I walked over Round Hill and back past Perilya mine. The clouds dumped on us as we got back to the ute. We were soaked. Bloody lovely.

Winnie walking past Perilya Mine before we got soaked
Winnie under the rain-clouds
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