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Last ­Year

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Last year I was wondering which way to go in my work life. I started an oncology post-grad but quickly lost motivation. My cynicism around the higher education sausage machine got the better of me. I ended up doing Plan 2:

a year goofing off. I could work less; spend time with my family; ride my bicycle; travel; fix my house. Maybe I will go to Uni the year after that.

I goofed. I worked less. I juggled my tricky family. I did ride my lovely bicycle, never enough. I took Em on a huge trip round the world. The house definitely has been fixed up, although it is a never ending task. Jan Tregeagle could make himself useful around here.

With thanks to John Brosio
Home by j.Brosio

We have plans to do a few more repairs to the house and then paint the outside, it’s in bad shape. We have booked the scaffolder and the painter. Just trying to work out a roofer to do some roof repairs. Hopefully that’ll all be over by Easter next year. Then we will have to knuckle down and do some hard work to pay down the mortgage.

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