a picture my son drew of a wave on a beach


A blurry old photo of my Mum in hiking boots and red socks standing by an estuary
My Ma living by the latin phrase, Solvitur Ambulando

Even though it looks like my Mum is about to cheekily poke her tongue out at the photographer it reminds me of Ivan Bilibin’s beautiful illustration which I used on this post and currently on my 404 error page.

Thinking about how I like to tinker with my blog makes me realise how I use it to think around things. Playing with the esentially quite boring html and css that make up this website leaves space in my mind for thoughts to coalesce.

This tinkering whilst not as enjoyable or as effective as walking in Cornwall is useful to me. Blogging acts as a meditative. My posts are just the outlines of these thoughts that I stumble over. Life gets dibs over my navel gazing. For example, I am going out now to finish the weekends jobs around the house and yard.

Til next time.

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Bracken and greenery fringed by sea and granite cliffs
Looking southward from Beacon Crag in Porthleven

I left my Ma in tears again. We waved from the train in Totnes as the carriage moved off. We all had the sad sparkly eyes for a quiet time as the train sped along the seaway. Too many goodbyes for me this …


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A Harold Knight (Newlyn School) painting of Robert Morson Hughes, sat at a table with a pint of beer in his hand, has coat and cane over his arm
A chap called Bob with a pint (seen at Penlee House Gallery)

I wrote and deleted a long post about an argument I had with my Dad. Instead I’ll summarise with a tidied up extract from an email I sent to MJD.

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My bonus dad, JB, and I having a beer after I arrived in Totnes
JB and I raising a glass in Totnes

My Ma & JB met me at Totnes station. Zaida was full of beans and hugs. She had just had a haircut and was busy sorting things out before before they drove to France for a holiday tomorrow. At the ‘happy yellow house …


Sydney 2023

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A selfie in front of a Saab 340 turboprob aeroplane on the apron at Broken Hill [BHX] airport
Leaving Broken Hill

Here I go again - visiting the home of my first 20 years, Cornwall.
I went this time last year as soon as the flights had resumed after all that covid bullshit. I flew home and caught covid at the Blue Anchor. I had never been as sick …


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My Ma recently arrived home in chilly Totnes. I loved having her staying with us for the tail end of our summer.

We had lots of fun cycling and walking around the beaches, town and village. I had been worried she’d be too hot but I think it was …


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Left to right: Joe, Charlie, Zaida, Dan, Georgie and John
Left to right: Joe, Charlie, Zaida, Dan, Georgie and John

Thirteen years ago I missed out on being in this family pic. Next year I hope to complete my Nursing degree and a year after that I hope to complete a Post Grad year. Maybe then I can afford a …