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  1. Old Man Juices

    I visited a doctor about my susceptibility to surfers ear. I had been idly wondering if grommets would improve them and perhaps the GP or an ear specialist would be able to offer some suggestions. The GP had nothing to say on the matter but her eyes lit up when …

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  2. Testing Times

    Looking South from The Gallows Headland towards Sawtell
    My current favourite local bit of coast. I’m going to miss the sea.

    Monday morning at work I started running a slight temperature. My shoulders and neck ached. I work with immunocompromised patients so it was safest to go home. I am a nurse so in the interest of …

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  3. Next Year

    At times I have a plan. I have been known to make a five year plan and more or less stick to it. More happenstance, less plan to be honest. I had planned to quit my previous relationship and go live in the Falklands or the Australian outback. My kids …

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  4. Nurse Futures

    I’ve been a registered nurse for a mere six months now and am very aware of my ignorance. University did not teach me about the paperwork and associated procedures to arrange things like outpatient xrays. However I know I’ll figure that stuff out with experience. In the meantime …

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  5. A Grafton Sunday Night

    So here I am. I have some work to do. Something about a patient/client case study. I am supposed to use the clinical reasoning skills I have been taught. Sort of Sherlock Holmes the nurse. I will be presenting it later in the week. Motivation is an issue.

    I …

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