a picture my son drew of a wave on a beach

Hump ­Day

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I try to avoid posting about my work here except in very general terms. I obviously cannot write about my patients or colleagues. I have to self-censor what I write which often makes expressing myself difficult. So, here I go… In general terms.

Nursing, much like many other jobs, has infinite capacity to suck up time and energy. Recently it became apparent that it is up to me to draw the line and have a life outside of work.

It’s Wedenesday and I know that today we will once again be short staffed. I am really looking forward to the weekend to just stop for a bit. I hold down two roles at work but one of these one has been taking over. On Monday I gave a months notice. I cannot do two jobs there are not enough days in the week.

Cartoon of a bloke with an exploding head

I have gone back and edited the above about 3 or 4 times since writing it on Wedenesday morning. It is Sunday now and I still feel exhausted.

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