1. Day 56 Broken Hill

    New Car?

    There’s this old ute near my place. It has been well used, like many of the cars out here. It’s like the glam version of my ute.

    Thashed Ute

    I’ve not actually used a tank of petrol in the last 50 or so days. The …

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  2. Stash April/June 2020

    This will be my last stash report for a while. I will be returning to Uni to studying postgraduate from mid July onwards so I expect to be busy. This series of posts has been useful for me to focus on our finances whilst we both made the decision to …

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  3. Stash May 2020

    It all happened didn’t it? This could have been an absolute clusterfuck but luckily for us moving to a new home and job in the outback during a pandemic was okay. Thanks to the awesome team at LiteMoves the move was hassle free. Our house in Coffs is being …

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  4. We Moved

    Last Tuesday we emptied our little house into the back of a removal truck. After a quick tidy and a last tearful visit to family we set off on the trail to Broken Hill. Z&JB had to wait on some repairs to their car. They followed on at a …

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  5. Stash April 2020

    The global COVID reset button has been activated to coincide with our move out west. My Mum and JB have not been able to fly back to the UK. So their holiday has turned into an extended stay with us. It has been great to have them both here. JB …

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  6. Testing Times

    Looking South from The Gallows Headland towards Sawtell
    My current favourite local bit of coast. I’m going to miss the sea.

    Monday morning at work I started running a slight temperature. My shoulders and neck ached. I work with immunocompromised patients so it was safest to go home. I am a nurse so in the interest of …

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  7. Stash, March 2020

    My networth this month continues to be all over the shop. Money is flowing out as the house renovations are finalising and a trip to Darwin NT. Equities are of course crashing on the back of COVID-19. I’ll keep it short.

    Net Earnings

    • $3073 (February)
    • $30,469.84 …
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  8. Stash, February 2020

    Last year we booked tradies to begin the final stages of renovating our old wooden house. Nothing too major, a few repairs and a lick of paint. So, naïve… The scaffolders arrived on Monday as planned and wrapped our little house in iron bars. Our builders found major repairs in …

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  9. Escape Routes

    In my continuing effort to make moving to Broken Hill quantifiable here are some extremely rough travelling numbers.

    From To Plane Train Bus Car Bicycle Walk
    Broken Hill Adelaide (500km) $200
    no train $20
    5hrs 1w 1m
    Broken Hill Coffs Harbour (1,400km) $500
    $120 …
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