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  1. Sore Back

    Obviously I’m getting older and shamefully lazier. I have been cycling less and less, I barely run anymore. Since starting nursing in 2015 I have put on 12kg. I am angry and frustrated at myself because I know better. I know muscles start to waste when we get older …

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  2. Swimming and Walking

    My Mum sent me this postcard after she had walked across Spain. It is an illustration from a Russian Fairy story, “Feather Of Finist Falcon” by Ivan Bilibin.

    Feather Of Finist Falcon by Ivan Bilibin

    I am reading Robert MacFarlane‘s, “The Old Ways, A Journey On Foot”. I love it. I have had to regularly pause …

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  3. Demo Map

    Lets start off with the ‘Keep it Simple Stupid’ philosophy. Before I rush in to build something let’s try and do this by using a specific ‘MudMap’ template. Work in progress so bear with me…

    If my GPX-source is /GPS-routes/OSM/3305410.gpx then I should be able …

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  4. Mudmap

    For a long time I have wanted to integrate the GPS traces from my various excursions directly into an embedded map here on tregeagle.com. There is a million ways to do this of course. I have done so in the past using Google maps but I would prefer to …

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  5. Heatwave

    By Crikey, it is a warm day here in Broken Hill today. We have the evaporative cooler ducting it’s breeze through the house but it’s still pretty warm. Outside the ground is too hot to walk on and the corrugated iron that encases everything in this town sizzles …

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  6. Lost

    Last month my laptop became unstable. I had been trying to do something which I began to regret. Losing patience I reinstalled the operating system. Unfortunately on my previous installation I had negligently chosen to set up my hard-drives as a striped array. This meant despite days of recovery attempts …

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  7. Pelican

    In the endless cycle of tinkering with this website I have once again changed things around. I had a go at modifying a bash script (BLASH) to parse my markdown files into the html files you’re now looking at. Very quickly the loops and structures became ungainly. No doubt …

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  8. Bantam Killer

    Precious time off work. The Boys out for a ride with me.

    Working at SCU back in 2007-8 was a quiet gig. I had plenty of time to mull over things. I would cycle to work in the morning and have my day’s work mostly done by smoko. In the beginning I would fill my time with projects to improve the …

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  9. Day 56 Broken Hill

    New Car?

    There’s this old ute near my place. It has been well used, like many of the cars out here. It’s like the glam version of my ute.


    I’ve not actually used a tank of petrol in the last 50 or so days. The shops are …

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