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9 ­Mile

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I just took Winnie for a run down 9 mile single track. It is actually only about 8km but leads to 9 mile road. Winnie managed 6.47km before collapsing (I hung my Garmin off her collar). I put her in the ute and took her home for a dunk in the pool. She was a bit over-heated.

Poor Winnie, I think I’ll keep her runs below 3km from now on.

Using some pics from Winnies run I’m made a copy of the carousel which Robin Rendle posted on css-tricks

Here it is:

Looking at this on mobile I can see it’s a bit squished and it’s a bit annoying to swipe past. I reckon doing away with the thumbnails and making it a horizontal swipe left/right would be better than the solution Robin used. Now I have to go see how Instagram or Pixelfed does it.

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