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  1. eejat

    I am such an eejat. I locked my keys in my ute yesterday. Re picked me up on her way home from work. She rolled her eyes at my incompetence. Early this morning Davis and I hitched a ride back with the spare key. Before driving home we watched the …

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  2. Next Year

    At times I have a plan. I have been known to make a five year plan and more or less stick to it. More happenstance, less plan to be honest. I had planned to quit my previous relationship and go live in the Falklands or the Australian outback. My kids …

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  3. Bicycle Lights

    Every 6 months or so I find myself at the bicycle shop buying another set of blinking LED bicycle lights. The last pair having inevitably fallen apart; fallen off or ceased to work. It always costs 10 bucks more than I expect. They always have new and irritatingly imperfect ways …

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