1. Last Year

    Last year I was wondering which way to go in my work life. I started an oncology post-grad but quickly lost motivation. My cynicism around the higher education sausage machine got the better of me. I ended up doing Plan 2:

    a year goofing off. I could work less; spend …

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  2. Postcards

    I was to meet Emrys for breakfast at the stipulated time. It was part of his ultimatum or perhaps pen-ultimatum. For when I arrived to pick him up he was still in bed. He had forgotten he had written me off as a bad dad the day before and that …

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  3. Physiognomy

    Messerschmidts Heads
    Franz Xaver Messerschmidt’s “heads”

    In the late 80’s I wrote an awful essay for my Media teacher at Camborne Tecnhical College. There was no internet to speak of back then so I relied upon the books in the limited library for research. Most of the books seemed to …

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  4. Auden

    The robot, Bender, is adrift in space. His body is populated by 'Shrimpkins'
    Bender might say, “Greetings to my yeasts and bacterias”

    The picture above is from an episode of Futurama I watched with my boys. The robot, Bender, is adrift in space. His body is populated by ‘Shrimpkins’.

    Auden wrote “A New Year Greeting” the year I was born. It was in …

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  5. Prison

    I remember another time when I was young. In my homeland traveling by train. A group of passengers sprinkled throughout the open-plan carriage talked amongst themselves. They appeared to know each other from their intersecting lives in suburbia. This was obviously their regular commute. Rereading Saint-Exupéry I am reminded of …

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  6. Sisyphus

    Sisyphus by Titian
    Sisyphus by Titian

    It’s a Saturday morning. I can hear a phalanx of lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and leaf blowers marching through the backyards of my neighbours. Australians rejoice in weekend suburb maintenance. Like many others I have just had very busy week of work. The builders have been …

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  7. Observations

    Thought spirals
    Sometimes it feels like this.

    I want to move the fence, make our yard bigger for our fat dog. Re does not want me to start without a landscaping consultation of some kind. Despite this I have mostly formed plans involving retaining walls and wire mesh fencing. The first step …

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  8. Security

    Graffiti - security forces
    Melbourne Graffiti - overstated security?

    I forgot I had my old Opinel penknife in my bag. The airport security were delighted. What had started as a normal boring morning suddenly had a frisson of excitement. My counter-culture terroristic leanings were only confirmed when I foolishly told them I’d forgotten about …

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