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Well ­met

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My bonus dad, JB, and I having a beer after I arrived in Totnes
JB and I raising a glass in Totnes

My Ma & JB met me at Totnes station. Zaida was full of beans and hugs. She had just had a haircut and was busy sorting things out before before they drove to France for a holiday tomorrow. At the ‘happy yellow house’ we had tea and biscuits before going for a walk to the weir and back. Totnes is looking all set for spring. I got out my drone and flew it over the house.

Daisy and Dan called, we organised to meet-up. JB and I popped up to the pub for a quick beer before dinner, see the pic. Zaida had sourced some beautiful locally grown asparagus which we had with salt and butter. Things got hazy what with the beer, the food, the chat and the accumulated sleep debt. I tried to stay awake but ran out of steam.

Now, it is 4am of course and I’m ready to go. Jetlag? I’m not sure. Waking at odd hours, you could call this normal for me.

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