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Goodbye ­Cornwall

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I left Cornwall behind having not done a fraction of the things I wanted to do. My brother drove me to his home in Northumberland. He then left me to my own devices for a couple of days as he had business in Aberdeen. I have the luxury of staying in his house with only a dog to care for. Pumpkin (the dog) and I have been for a few walks and it has been quite nice to be alone with my thoughts. I did visit Newcastle on the bus, that was rather energetic of me. I had a cup of tea and a Reuben sandwich in the Tyneside Cinema Bar Cafe. I was pleased to see they were showing a re-issue of Local Hero. I did not go in though, it was too nice out.

an ad for the movie Local Hero on display in the Tynside Cinema Bar Cafe
Tyneside Cinema Cafe

I told my pal MJD about my recent adventures and he agreed with me that time is positively flying by, … nowhere near enough time to do all the nothing that a fellow needs doing. Quite true.

I did a lot of walking in Cornwall but nowhere near enough. This Ordinance Survey map (No.189) was hanging on the wall at my niece’s house in Falmouth. I took a couple of snaps because it was so familiar and I am so fond of OS maps. This detail centres on Loe Pool (created by none other than Jan Tregeagle). I did the walk between Helston and Porthleven at least twice in the past month, not including lots of little walks around the area. I also walked off down the coast path to avoid the tacky coronation. I walked all day going to Acton and back. Jan Tregeagle also traversed Cornwall but it was less pleasant for him due to the Hell-Hounds in hot pursuit.

a pic
Ordnance Survey Map detail around Loe Pool

Later I borrowed my brothers tent and sleeping bag for a couple of nights of camping down at Treen. Treen is a much beloved campsite in our family it is between Logan Rock and Porthcurno.

I walked inland via St Buryan to Carn Euny before heading down the coast to Sennen. Sennen seemed to be in a building frenzy with shouty men driving oversized machines. I had an overpriced crab sandwich before scramming past the insufferable Lands End and along Nanjizel, Ardensaweth Cliffs, Gwennap Head, The Minack and back at the end of the day with aching legs to my tent.

As I did not have any other camping gear I enjoyed my evening meal at the busy Treen Pub. A fairly posh but mechanistic affair.

The next day I had a few more relaxed walks up on the higher ground. I walked past Mên Scryfa which was stupidly vandalised later in the week. I did the traditional crawl through Mên-an-Tol to cure what ails me. Eventually I drove back to Helston to stay with my lovely little sister. I loved spending time with my Sis, she is a bloody awesome woman.

a pic
Ordnance Survey Map detail around Logan Rock

This is fast becoming a tick list of places and people I’ve seen. I did not want it to be so, but I suppose it is part of a process…


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