a picture my son drew of a wave on a beach

Putting away the shoe ­box

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Bracken and greenery fringed by sea and granite cliffs
Looking southward from Beacon Crag in Porthleven

I left my Ma in tears again. We waved from the train in Totnes as the carriage moved off. We all had the sad sparkly eyes for a quiet time as the train sped along the seaway. Too many goodbyes for me this week.

The carriage was empty except for two student nurses on their way to a placement. They chattered on about their plans for the summer and I wished I was them, staying.

three Sea Shanty revellers
My niece, sister and bonus son at the Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival

I have been so lucky to stay in touch with the people I love. Last night I pulled a shoebox of photos out from under my Mum’s bed. Lots of bittersweet memories which I then carefully put back later in the evening.

Me and my brother
My brother and I at the Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival

My oldest brother Charlie once told me family should be like old photos and kept in a shoebox under the bed never to be seen lest it stir up too much pain and angst. I often think he is wrong and yet slightly right.

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