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Not Ep02 A Two Wheeled ­Ute

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I got the audio files mixed up. I actually reposted the the first episode. The second recording, as it turned out, was made in March last year. I recorded it on my Purism phone but the audio quality is terrible which is a shame because I remember having a lovely bicycle ride. I encountered a very long freight train before pedalling off towards Menindee.

I recorded this a year ago and only found it again yesterday whilst out walking the dog. I could easily have recorded it yesterday, it would have been much the same.

I’ve not been out cycling or walking with the dog as much as usual. The summer here brings out hordes of bush-flies. Flies buzzing into every orifice as well as instant sunburn and dehydration which turns excursions out-bush into an ordeal. It is not all bad though, after the recent rain the plants are flowering and green which is lovely.

Red berries on a spiky bush
Not sure what plant this is. If I find out I’ll update this.

Since writing this La Nina has struck again and Broken Hill has been flooded. I drove home from work today along a fast running road-become-river. A small sports car was stranded at the roundabout up to its wheel arches in the flood waters. I offered to help them push it out but it’s electronic gearing would not shift to neutral. Who’d own a car like that out here anyway?! Even now the rain has set in as thunder rumbles around us with speckles of lightning. I don’t think there has been this much water in Broken Hill for quite some time.

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Future plans.

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