a picture my son drew of a wave on a beach


A map showing the Far Western NSW with the United Kingdom overlayed to give a sense of scale
If Cardiff was plonked onto Broken Hill along with the rest of the UK.

I know I am struggling when, like in a recent post, I start writing lots of lists.
This post started as a list of bicycle rides around Australia. I quickly concluded that I could instead cherry-pick what other people have written. I am obviously not the only homebound wannabe traveller grappling with my frustrated inner Dervla

I created a Trailforks account to download a gpx file of the Mawson Trail. After logging in I was told to upgrade the account to access the damn gpx.
As if…

I should have checked with RideWithGPS, they have it. I had already got suckered into an account with them years ago. A quick search found the it’s creator David Hume had it also available on his own website. I also found a few other gpx’s and guides around the place.

Incidentally, the Mawson Trail is managed in part by South Australian Government Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing. They also sensibly suggest buying paper maps and offer some practical resources such as contacts for transport companies to get you and your bike to the start or from the end of the ride. All very Australian, organised, safety first, offensively inoffensive and bureaucratic. I can already imagine all the signs on the trail.

Not sure why I am eye-rolling at the gov.au it’s not as if I’m cool or anything. My style is definitely more in line with Helen D from the Uncool-Cycling-Club. Don’t let the name of her website fool you she is way cooler than me. She has already ridden the Mawson Trail even though she only started riding at aged 68. I like her style I wonder if I can join the club?

There is another ride I’ve eyed up over the years. North East of Melbourne is the Australian Alpine Epic Trail. A 40k ride around Mt Buller could be fun but am I ever going to drive all that way to go for a day of cycling? I doubt it.

This Guardian article by Alexis Buxton-Collins, who I believe is a South Australian based travel writer, has a pretty good list of rides around Australia

Considering I have failed to go on any exciting long distant rides in recent years I think the Munda Biddi Trail is unlikely, but it is another ride that is always on my radar.

A map showing a route around the top left corner of NSW
The Corner Country Cut - 1,200km of thirsty riding

Finally, a local ride which I am calling, Corner Country Cut. I have been considering something like this since moving out here to BH. The vague plan is… get up to Tibooburra over to Wilcannia and then Menindee before returning home. Comparing it to cycling back in the UK I suppose it would be like a bicycle ride from Cardiff to Carlisle to London to Glastonbury and back to Cardiff with nothing between.

There is something real about setting forth from your home on a journey as opposed to a trip somewhere to follow a signposted trail. I’m not sure about getting up to the corner along the fenceline though. I suspect there is a lot of sand and no water which might make it impossible.

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  • Matt


    Replied on

    Hi Ruben,

    You should definately ride the Mawson trail. It’s built for a thorn!

    Here some pics to get you inspired…


    • Ruben


      Replied on

      Thanks for that, some great pictures there. I can’t believe I missed that when you posted it. Yes, Mawson has been on the cards for yonks. I’ve been a slave to work and too worried about money. I think I’m getting over that now though.