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2024 Bike ­Trip

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Like many armchair travellers when not thinking about sailing I’m thinking about cycling. Looking ahead to 2024 is no different.

UPDATE 30/12/24

I have long considered doing the Mawson Trail but have prevaricated for many reasons, mainly because I am a social chap and shy away from going alone. I read a friends post last night and remembered he had cycled the Mawson back in 2019. I had a read of his post and thought it was about time I puckered up my ass cheeks and committed.

I reckon July is the month, or therabouts. That should give me plenty of time to work out logistics, gear up and train a bit. Anyway, on with the original post…

The other day I watched a video by Tristan Ridley.
He listed all the gear he carries when bikepacking (YouTube has a whole crazy subsection of the gear people pack). I already have my awesome Thorn Nomad II Rohloff and some great gear but there are a few things missing. So, here is my mostly Australian-centric bicycle shopping list inspired by my own needs wants and Tristan’s video…



Bike Luggage

Brain Bucket

Wash Kit

Utility Kit

Sleep & Shelter

Cooking and Hydration


Other bits

I am not really much of a shopper which is lucky because my little town of Broken Hill is not known for it’s shopping emporiums.

Everything I buy owns me as much as I own it.
For example, a cheap rice cooker I bought from Kmart many years ago…
The rice was not cooked to perfection, far from it. In addition it spat sticky rice goop in a 1 metre radius when used. I owned it for years secretly hoping it would explode so that I could get a decent one. Eventually I bought a CUCKOO 3-Cup Micom Rice Cooker (RTFM) which seems to cook the rice beautifully without spitting rice glue. Should have done that years ago.

I often draw a blank when I try to think of an online shop to buy stuff. Quite plainly I am thick. Here are some of the shops I just acessed for this list

These companies make cool stuff.

Just a few mention-worthy resources, blogs or review sites. I could write another bloody huge list to expand upon like-minded people running useful sites.

Oh, and not forgetting Tristan Ridley who inspired this post.

Feck me, it’s looking like a link-farm around here. I really waste my time hard on the weekend.
Move along now, nothing more to see here.

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