1. My Best Rose

    Dear Z (My Best Rose),

    Thank you so much for your package, it is lovely and I shall treasure it.

    You surprised me. I felt you were exactly the person I remembered but the lens of time and the walls of distance left me ignorant of the truth. I feel …

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  2. Not Nano

    How do I go about filling three pages of foolscap from within a text editor? Do I write it longhand count the words and compare it the same number of words on the screen? I’m not sure if it matters. I do not want to write it longhand. I …

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  3. Sore Eyes

    I have a sore eye. Actually they are both sore one is worse. Red and inflamed, I’m sure they don’t look too good. The dust from the tree bark I was shovelling today is the culprit. That and the dry wind and sun.

    I should go to sleep …

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  4. Spike

    Dear Spike,

    I am not sure you will read this. This is me, Ben. We grew up together. Your mum does not think you will remember anything. You cannot forget this and I have to tell you. You need to know everything.

    We were just little boys when we met …

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  5. Chiang Mai Days

    Our first night in Chiang Mai was pretty stressful but the rest of our trip has been awesome.

    Riding around Northern Chiang Mai today I passed this:

    Chiang Mai Computer Shop](/images/open.jpg
    A computer shop in Chiang Mai

    I woke the owner up, he spoke a little english and said that we open source people …

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  6. Chiang Mai

    Our first night in Chang Mai was pretty much a gi-normous stuff up. Ev and I got seperated in a crowd and did not manage to find each other again for about 4 very scary hours. The Chiang Mai tourist police, who are volunteers that work closely with the normal …

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  7. Thailand 2009

    July 2009

    My 14 year old son and I travelled to Thailand to explore the country, experience the culture and meet the locals. Read on for an account of our stravages..

    Thursday, July 23, 2009 - 12:27

    Well, we survived the flight and made it into Bangkok, we stayed at …

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  8. Bling String

    Ev my teenage son is growing up. He dyes his hair and listens to loud music. It beats pooping his pants and chucking tantrums at the sweety counter. I think he is pretty cool. He did not want me to take this picture he knew I was up to something …

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  9. Reasons not to do it again

    Lisa, Di, Emma & I back when we were training for this.
    Lisa, Di, Emma & I back when we were training for this.

    Our Twitter Kokoda Updates

    • tregeagle: CORRECTION we all had injuries EXCEPT DI. Di is a hard ass.
    • diemma: Thank you 4 ur support over the weekend. We r in the car on our way home. It has been amazing …
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