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Trail ­Run

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Day off work today. I took H to school and Winnie for a trail run. That’s what we call it now, apparently. My Garmin watch defined it for me.

I could not decide on a definition
I could not decide on a definition

It wasn’t a run because the hills were too steep. It wasn’t a walk because I ran/stumbled down the hills. It was a trail with lots of huge puddles. Winnie loved it. Although for some reason I think trail-run sounds like a name foisted on me by fit young Californian called Chuck who works for Garmin’s Customer Engagement team. I might be overthinking it.

On the way home we bought a ute load of gravel and some bits and bobs from the hardware shop. We also picked up some groceries. When I say “We” I am being a tad optimistic, Winnie did not contribute much. In fact she whined and moaned when I left her in the back of the ute on a pile of gravel whilst I was in the shop. At home our builders and a plumber were busy. I fixed a broken pipe, shoveled the gravel into a ditch and fed the dog. Made a sheep curry. I called our Window people to make sure they’re making our windows for downstairs. Our neighbour had a screaming bout. Dogs barked. A fairly normal suburban day.

Winnie, trail running
Winnie is much fitter than me

Here is Winnie trail running with me this morning. We did not go far because we had lots of other jobs to do today. Now it’s time to go meet H off the bus. The day went quick.

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