1. Propogate Pain

    Early this morning as I put my son on the train for a school excursion, I witnessed the propogation of pain. Nothing was meant by it, nobody intended any harm and the cruelty was imperceptible.

    Children, parents and teachers all crowded on the platform waiting for the infrequent train. The …

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  2. A Grafton Sunday Night

    So here I am. I have some work to do. Something about a patient/client case study. I am supposed to use the clinical reasoning skills I have been taught. Sort of Sherlock Holmes the nurse. I will be presenting it later in the week. Motivation is an issue.

    I …

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  3. Breakdown

    Agrippa was feeling petulant, he wanted somebody to feel his frustration. All morning he demanded it but nobody was listening. Then Ben walked walking past the kitchen table with a criticism. He quickly stepped behind the irritating old git and head-butted him between the shoulder blades. With a shout of …

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  4. Flaneurs of the World Unite

    I have yet to read the Flaneur book I gave Suzy. She seemed to enjoy it, I would like to read it before my studies begin again.

    There really ought to be time in ones life for walking and art.

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  5. In Which I Drink Tea

    Mr Dilmah provides the finest leaves of tea, I do enjoy it. I think tea must be the best stimulant available to humankind. It has ben consumed since forever and it has remarkably few adverse effects. Oddly enough it does not appear to do much in the way of stimulation …

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  6. Sawtell Fun Day

    The Garford
    The brass helmet was too small, as the junior firey it was manadatory for me to wear it.

    On New Years Day each year Sawtell is host to the Sawtell Fun Day. This year I was on the old Garford fire engine with Alan. That’s me on the right …

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  7. That’s that then

    A friend of mine died last night, John was an old fellow who lived up Coro Ave. Eighty five years old he was. We became friends after he mentored Choppy and I down on the sand dunes. He was passionate about regenerating the foreshores of our local beach, he showed …

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  8. Relate


    It’s Sunday lunchtime. I’ve been writing utter rubbish all day. Trying to batter my brain into essay writing action with coffee. Now I am shaky and sick. I wanted to text you but you left your phone on the bed and Mike left his bag with phone …

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