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Little ­Dawn

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I recieved a call from my boss yesterday. Who my mother rudely described as, “mouthy”. I asked what she meant by that and she said they, “sounded like they would not use one word where many would suffice”. Indeed.

I might use the expression, “Wordy” but probably not. My mother is quite blunt at times. Nonetheless, the call made me feel a bit depressed about returning to work. The two days of form filling and trying to listen to ‘wordy’ people instruct me on work-place policies; procedures and how to communicate effectively…

Me after a rough night
Me on a bad day

I woke at 12:30am. The coffee; tea; wine; beer or ennui to blame. I tried to sleep. Then I looked at social media on my phone. The screen dimmed and reddened, speakers silent. “Too bright”, Re complained. I turned it off and tried to sleep.

03:30 I gave it up for the little dawn. In the kitchen for a cup of tea. Winnie came in and I gave her a pat. I looked up the questions I’d been worrying about. The engine light which refuses to go away on the car, turns out the car is generally thought of as a lemon. Perhaps we should flog it off to some poor unsuspecting mug just as the previous fuckers did to us. Or use it as collateral with a used car salesman and buy a new car, transfer the moral conundrum. We have no household internet connection so I have been using my mobile phones data connection instead. I checked how much data we had used, it is holding it’s own. I need not worry for another week. Back to bed for a nap before the alarm goes off.

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