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My Nikola cheat ­card

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I am exceedingly lazy and my desire to retain knowledge of how my own blog works is dismal. For my own benefit I made a cheat sheet to remind me what I do when I feel like harking on about some crap on this site. I am edging towards doing away with the whole deployment bit and just making the output into the live site. Like most people I just want an easy life… and I can’t stop fiddling with it.

cd ~/nikola
## start virtualenv
source bin/activate

cd tregeagle  
nikola new_post -e --format=markdown --title="A-new-post"

## open site on local dev server
nikola serve --browser  
nikola auto -b  

## rebuild site with new post
nikola build

## apply custom deployment commands from conf.py
nikola deploy

## stop virtualenv

Some references:

Nikola Handbook
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Markdown syntax …and this …and even this pdf

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