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Testing ­Times

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Looking South from The Gallows Headland towards Sawtell
My current favourite local bit of coast. I’m going to miss the sea.

Monday morning at work I started running a slight temperature. My shoulders and neck ached. I work with immunocompromised patients so it was safest to go home. I am a nurse so in the interest of keeping me in the workforce I was tested for COVID-19. The test was a throat and nasal swab and it will be three or four days until I get a result. COVID-19 itself is not generally a serious illness but for a tiny proportion of the population (like my patients) it is very serious. In 2002 we had 7.4 beds (Nationmaster) for every 1,000 people. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) tell me that as of 2017-18 this has dropped to 3.9 beds for every 1,000 people here in Australia.

Due to the ongoing privatisation and defunding of public of hospitals bed capacity is always stretched to the limit. COVID-19 has already bought national health systems to their knees and Australia could be next. None of this is news. People prefer more exciting stories for their news …

I spoke to a homeless chap on the weekend. He had been sleeping on the beach. He believed that COVID-19 was being transmitted to individuals usng the 5G network, he is not the only one it would seem. Which in retrospect would explain why I only have a slight temperature without other COVID-19 symptoms. 5G coverage is patchy here in Coffs, it’s probably buffering.

UPDATE: Unsurprisingly the swab was negative

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