Running my hand along the kitchen bench my fingers gripped momentarily on congealed sticky oil. I wiped my fingers on a towel and poured a glass of Roku Gin. Earlier today I booked a cheap hotel room in Colaba, Mumbai. Gregory Robert’s book came to mind and I thought of visiting Leopolds Bar. Which I associate with James Joyce’s Leopold Bloom eating burnt toast.

Leopold Bloom taken from a page of Joyce's notes
A drawing of Leopold Bloom taken from a page of James Joyce’s notes

From Leopold and Shantaram my neurons lit up on memories of attempting to read Nietzsche and the communities of Zorastrians in Mumbai. Which of course led to memories of playing an 8-bit Zardoz game in 1985-ish in Plymouth. I remember it was a geometric wire frame type thing and you got to fly around in a giant head. Like the film it was based on. it was 60s triptastic. A brief search only turns up what appears to be defunct attempt to build an 8-bit Zardoz game from scratch. It looks nothing like the one I remember. Years later I watched Sean Connery with Charlotte Rampling in the so-terrible-it’s-good movie Zardoz. Sort of like Barbarella but Sean Connery in red underpants and very hairy.

A poster featuring Zardoz made by Didiusz”

Before I stop writing to wipe down the kitchen bench I would note that at this time Mr Robert has posted that he has stepped out of public life to concentrate on his creative life. Good on you Gregory. I hope you are not reading this and you are hard at it on the rockface of life.