Erratic Reading

Last night I started reading Night Walking by Prof. Beaumont. It felt immediately familiar to me. I mention it now only to make note of the phrase Post Circadian Capitalism and the word Noctivagator. Fab.

I did not sleep much after 3am this morning. I’m not getting enough exercise, too sleepy it’s a circular defeat. The rain was thundering down. I imagined the pool of water in the cellar growing to gargantuan proportions and engulfing my life. Then I had to pee.

After the grey light of dawn I put up a ladder and cleaned the leaves out of the gutter. Then ran a few errands with Harly and the Dog. We had walk at Gallows, our local beach. I found a green sea snake with barnacles growing on it’s skin. It was dead, blood running from it’s mouth. I put it on the bonnet of the car for a photo. Here it is in circular defeat:

I found a green sea snake with barnacles growing on it's skin

I wonder where it came from? I thought the waters here were too cool for sea snakes. I wondered if it had been swimming during the night whilst I lay awake in bed. An oceanic traveller, a noctivagator.